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It’s done! That has to be a record, no? Okay, not quite, as the Discworld yarn was a quick spin, but this is really great, to be done already with this lovely yarn! I’ve got 150m or so of 8-12 ply-ish (worsted-bulky) weight yarn, from a 3.25oz batt. I’m pleased with how squishy and lofty it is, in comparison to so many of my yarns which are (if one’s being generous) quite solid. I just love the long bits where the whole yarn is GLITTER!!!! Ahem.

I wet-finished it, and some patches of the yarn have gone a bit funny where the wool in the batt shrunk and the alpaca core yarn didn’t – also, it’s still a bit overplied, but all in all a really fun yarn. I guess I’ve just got to keep practising corespinning before I get really really good at it.

So, without further ado… here is A Wizard’s Staff Has A Knob On The End!

A Wizard's Staff Has A Knob On The End

See the funny bits?

And for a bit of bonus photospam… click here for a panoramic shot of a whole skein!

Okay, so no one wanted to guess, so I’ll tell ya! The batt in the previous post was a special request, and I wanted it to represent the wizards in the Discworld books.

These guys love their comfort. Lots of meals, lots of sleeping and wine and beer and general slothiness. And they have an inexplicable love for what we would term “bling”. But they’re not without their strengths, too – the kind of single-minded butt-headedness and brazen idiocy that seems to miraculously get them through sticky situations. And let’s face it – they can toss spells around like hand-grenades.

(So, there was meant to be a picture here, but it didn’t come up. This link might work. If not, I give up.)

Thinking of all that, I decided that a corespun yarn would not only show the batt off to its fullest, but it would symbolically represent the wizardly person – soft frou-frou fluffiness and garish shiny (not to say a complete lack of taste) on the outside, but with a strong core hidden beneath all that frippery.

So I started it yesterday. And the rhythm of the corespinning is well and truly entrenched now, and I’m about a quarter of the way through the batt and halfway through a giant bobbin. There will be A LOT of this yarn – which is a great thing, no? I’m using Jacey Boggs’ “The Awesome” corespinning innovation, and even though she said it’d be ok for me to talk about it here, I still don’t feel right so you’ll just have to buy her book when it comes out (don’t ask me, I didn’t even know she was doing one till ten days ago) and find out there. Suffice to say, it’s exciting. You’ll love it.

And I’ll post pics of the yarn when I get it done – which should be soon coz I’ve got three more days of work then NINE DAYS OF BLISS before I have to go back.