So, I thought to sample the yarn as I wasn’t sure the three batts were going to coordinate as well as I first thought they would. I’d spun half a bobbin of each of the Eliade roving and the Enchanted Knoll batts, so I dizzed the Oldsheep batt with some natural brown alpaca (to give it some extra softness and also make it go a little further – this batt was smaller) and spun a quick sample on a Bristlecone spindle, then plied on a Tilt-a-Whorl spindle.

Left bobbin: Enchanted Knoll batt. Right bobbin: Eliade roving. Bristlecone Spindle: Oldsheep batt and alpaca

Plied yarn on Tilt-a-whorl spindle

Before washing

Then I skeined it up and washed it with a little shampoo in hot water, whacked it and set it to dry in the brisk wind.

Washed skeinlet

What do you guys think? I’m over the moon with the yarn itself – it’s about a sock-weight but very light and airy. The different colours have really come together well and the variation is so rich and deep. I just don’t think it gels right with my “vision” of what I wanted to say about Carrot. I think I need something less complicated, larger and perhaps chain-plied.

Please let me know what you think!