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This is a quick one. I pulled this together today, after having the batt for a while. I wanted to thread-ply this sucker but didn’t have the right sort of plying yarn, so when I went to the Guild meeting on Saturday I kept a lookout, and sure enough, I found the perfect cone of tencel laceweight in a beautiful peachy-pink colour. So today, having got somewhat sick of spinning brown laceweight (ugh, it’s beautiful but there’s so much of it!) I thought I’d have a break and whip this sucker up.

The Discworld pantheon has some really interesting divine figures, such as Blind Io, who is the boss-man; Bilious, the Oh God of Hangovers; and Petulia, the Goddess of Negotiable Affection. Of course, she is the patron goddess of prostitutes, and while she’s not described in any detail, I’ve always got a distinct impression of the sort of blonde bimbo goddess played by Alexandra Tydings in the tv series Hercules, in her role as Aphrodite.

The yarn had to be pink. It had to be curly, and frivolous, skittish, silly and nigh on bloody useless. So when I saw this fantastic batt (called “Rosebud”, in, once again, Bohoknitterchic’s shop) I knew it was absolutely perfect for this yarn. And of course it had to be thread-plied, to emphasise the curls.

Bohoknitterchic batt with tencel laceweight

I spun the single roughly, with some effort to preserve those incredible locks so they’d come out and simulate the ridiculous hairstyle I was seeing in my mind’s eye. Then I plied with the tencel, keeping quite a lot of tension on the tencel ply and letting the single wrap around it generously (really, do I need to explain why?). I spun and plied on my Aura, which just takes almost anything I throw at it … I love this wheel. The result – a bulky weight yarn, 4-5wpi, and around 40m. See? Nigh on useless. But I adore it, and it’s making me grin every time I look at it. Success story.

So, I know. I’ve been gone a long time, huh? At the risk of sounding like I’m making excuses – there have been a series of damn good reasons! First there was Tour de Fleece, at which I sucked MIGHTILY. But I didn’t want to try and rush the Pratchett yarns so I kept clear of them while I was spinning madly. Then I went to Adelaide on a business trip (and never again will I make fun of people when they’re sent on a “junket” for work – that was hard, hard going, I tellz ya), which I enjoyed a great deal but left little time for spinning. After I got back, there were the fires to be put out at work, as always, and then I got myself in a frightful excitement about Jacey Boggs of Insubordiknit fame) coming to Perth to do a workshop. That was last weekend, and right now I’m embroiled in spinning for my entries into the Perth Royal Show. I’ll show them off before I send them in, over on the Hammer & Tongs blog. And after the show, there will be NaNoWriMo! I hope to keep the spinning up while I’m doing that, but it does demand a great deal of time – I know that from experience.

But to keep you all interested (or maybe I have to interest you all again!) I wanted to post a pic of the incredible batt that Brittany of Bohoknitterchic made for me, at my special request for a particular Pratchett Project yarn. My instructions to her were centred mainly on the colour scheme I wanted – maroon, gold, purple, mahogany – and admonishments to avoid my fibre dislikes. But I had to add one particular instruction for this batt – “LUDICROUS amounts of firestar”.

Custom batt from Bohoknitterchic

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to guess the “theme” of this yarn! Chime in, if you can be bovvered, and tell me what this batt reminds you of from the rich tapestry of life in Sir Pratchett’s Discworld? I love the batt – it’s simply incredible, and I can’t wait to get moving on spinning it. I think corespun, to show off the colours (and SHINY) but I haven’t got much further on my plans than that.

What do you think? Don’t you love it?

See the firestar?? It's blinding!