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Confession time

Ten days later, I’m back! Sorry. I’ve been working on the newest yarn, I promise. Life exploded and went nuclear on me last week, so I’ve barely had time to photograph the fibre, let alone compose a post about this yarn.

So, it’s confession time. Most of my good friends know me well enough to know that I have a rather unhealthy fetish for attraction to redheads. Yup, true story. Particularly if they’re short of stature and left-handed, but that’s another story. So. When we were introduced to Carrot Ironfoundersson in Men At Arms, I was head over heels in love straight away! I can’t help myself, what can I say.

He’s a stereotypical character. He’s a kind of repository for all that is ideal, or simply stated, or obvious. Nevertheless, he’s a paradox in that he appears completely naive while inside he actually understands in great detail the complexities of every situation . . . and then he goes ahead and behaves as though he’s naive anyway. And everyone goes along with it.

Clockwise from top - Oldsheep batts, Enchanted Knoll batts, Eliade roving

To represent his simplicity and naivete, I wanted to do a basic 3-ply yarn, straight and plain. The colour scheme is dominated by reds and oranges, because I can’t help myself. There are more types of fibre in this yarn, though, than I can name – including various types of wool, silk throwster’s waste, sari silk threads, firestar and others. I like this mixture – quite apart from the fun of spinning such varied textures, I think it represents Carrot’s strange patchwork upbringing as well as the melting-pot of Ankh-Morpork where he came of age. I particularly like the streak of that sort of faded, tired royal blue through one of the batt sets – I think that particular blue is synonymous with policemen and having it really ties the idea of Carrot to the city in the visual appeal of this fibre.

So there you have the fibre. I’m halfway through a bobbin of the roving braid, spinning quite fine with a supported long draw on my Ashford Traditional. It’s fun to spin and I hope to have some yarn to show you guys before long!

Notions of Serpents

So what is next? Yes, I’m still with you all, I’m still thinking madly about Pratchett yarns and still well and truly enmeshed in the whole Discverse. So, what is next?

Much of the stories seem to be occurring in the Year of the Notional Serpent. This is yet another quaint, slightly absurd phrase that tickled all my funny bones, and you have to admit, serpents and yarn share a great deal in terms of shape! So my vision for this yarn, to be called Notional Serpent, is to make one that looks like a snake. Not difficult, let’s face it. So, how to add a challenge? I thought on this, and since one mad brain cell still insists that I’d like to knit and exhibit pieces from all these yarns one day, I began to think of a stole . . . a stole that looks like a coiled serpent . . . and its skin, like a python’s, is flecked with a beautiful pattern of greens, golds and browns. Camouflage, modular effects, sinuosity, optical illusions . . . that’s what I want this yarn to look like.

This all happened in my mind a while back, and it happened at just the right time for me to snaffle the perfect batts for my Notions of Serpents. The incomparable Brittany aka Bohoknitterchic updated her shop and I bought three of her smooth carded batts.

I’m still planning for the best way to make this happen, so I’ll be back in a day or two when I’ve planned my spinning technique out.