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Nope, just…nope.

I finally sat down at the wheel to try and spin a nice boucle ply from those pretty Teeswater locks today. And nope. They’re just too tangled, too matted, and it’s just too, too hard. Now I’m shopping for an alternative for my boucle ply. Wish me luck.

I’m torn between feeling really annoyed at myself for failing at the challenge of spinning from those locks, and liberated for having made the decision to move forward with it, even if that means a change of plan. It’s difficult for me to admit defeat like this, but I knew going into this whole farce I mean, lofty and noble project, that there’d be times that things wouldn’t go quite according to plan. I guess I’ve been pretty lucky so far, so I’m taking this in good grace 🙂

Off to shop!

The Octarine yarn is languishing. This is due to two things – I’m really quite sort of beguiled right now by the idea of something approaching knitting/spinning monogamy. I seem to be getting great results when I focus most of my knitting or spinning time on just the one WIP – and what’s most surprising is that I’m enjoying this approach.

That means, though, that I’m well and truly stuck on the yarn that was meant to be the Captain Carrot interpretation. I finished one skein of it back in mid August, and it’s such a wonderfully delicious yarn that I just want to get the rest spun. I’m doing well, but it’s very fine and there is rather a lot of it. But it does mean that I haven’t made it to the Octarine yarn yet, unfortunately.

The other reason is that I’m mumble mumble kind of scared of this yarn. Yep. I said it – I’m scared of it. I had a tinker with combing those locks I dyed, and the waste I ended up with was truly heinous. The herpes I mean, firestar turned up in the mail and I promptly put it away in the Pratchett Project box (which is huge, might I add) and haven’t touched the yarn since. I’m scared of it. I don’t know how I’m going to manage to get those locks into a spinnable state.

I sort of wanted a really fine, feather-light, delicate boucle. But having pondered the technicalities of the boucle beast, I know now that that would be nigh impossible to do by hand – certainly for me, anyway. This is because of the amount of twist that I’d need to put in my first core ply – the finer the yarn, of course, the more twist that is needed to make it hang together. But also, the more twist that is needed to ply it, and when you’re talking about plying it against a fine boucle ply … well, I just think it won’t end up being viable. So I know I need to go for a larger yarn that I originally thought.

Unless I go for a 2-ply as the core, and a 2-ply as the locking ply? (I’m thinking out loud here, people, you’re along for the right with me!) But that’s madness. I’m so sick of spinning ultra-fine yarns that going for a thicker one would be a welcome change. So let’s aim for the thicker, loftier boucle.

But I’m still stuck on how I’m going to prep those locks…I might end up cutting them in half. ‘Twould be a travesty, such stunningly long staples, but the length is making them nigh unusable for me.

Okay, so no one wanted to guess, so I’ll tell ya! The batt in the previous post was a special request, and I wanted it to represent the wizards in the Discworld books.

These guys love their comfort. Lots of meals, lots of sleeping and wine and beer and general slothiness. And they have an inexplicable love for what we would term “bling”. But they’re not without their strengths, too – the kind of single-minded butt-headedness and brazen idiocy that seems to miraculously get them through sticky situations. And let’s face it – they can toss spells around like hand-grenades.

(So, there was meant to be a picture here, but it didn’t come up. This link might work. If not, I give up.)

Thinking of all that, I decided that a corespun yarn would not only show the batt off to its fullest, but it would symbolically represent the wizardly person – soft frou-frou fluffiness and garish shiny (not to say a complete lack of taste) on the outside, but with a strong core hidden beneath all that frippery.

So I started it yesterday. And the rhythm of the corespinning is well and truly entrenched now, and I’m about a quarter of the way through the batt and halfway through a giant bobbin. There will be A LOT of this yarn – which is a great thing, no? I’m using Jacey Boggs’ “The Awesome” corespinning innovation, and even though she said it’d be ok for me to talk about it here, I still don’t feel right so you’ll just have to buy her book when it comes out (don’t ask me, I didn’t even know she was doing one till ten days ago) and find out there. Suffice to say, it’s exciting. You’ll love it.

And I’ll post pics of the yarn when I get it done – which should be soon coz I’ve got three more days of work then NINE DAYS OF BLISS before I have to go back.

Just quickly

I know I keep disappearing, and it might seem that I’m not spending as much time on this project as it warrants. That’s because that’s true. Thing is, I feel kind of accountable to you guys and in a way, like I should be explaining myself to you! It’s not because I’m a slob, it’s because I’m overcommitted – so in the spirit of adding more commitments and explaining myself, I’ve started another blog. Hammer and Tongs at the Wheel will be a lot freer and wider in its focus and if you’re at all interested in the other fibrey things I’m doing, I’ll be posting about much of it as I go.