After a long and boring journey through my teens and early twenties, (it wasn’t really that boring, but it is another story) I washed up in Perth, Western Australia, at the end of winter in 2004. I never really got the chance to move on again, and I’m still here, eight years later. I’m just now working out my notice period at the job I’ve held for the longest time of any job in my life – five years and counting – and feel very much that I’m about to embark on a new chapter in life.

It’s way overdue.

I live in a dingy little rental house built in the sixties with my cat and my wonderful girlfriend. A spinner who knits, I dabble in many other crafts as well, and am keenly interested in many things around me, including but not limited to – sustainable living, women’s rights, queer rights, occultism, heavy metal and bellydancing.

You can read more about my everyday crafty pursuits over at Hammer and Wheel, and follow along with my long-term art project at The Pratchett Project (that’s been really quiet as I prepare for #liebackandthinkofIceland)