The Octarine yarn is languishing. This is due to two things – I’m really quite sort of beguiled right now by the idea of something approaching knitting/spinning monogamy. I seem to be getting great results when I focus most of my knitting or spinning time on just the one WIP – and what’s most surprising is that I’m enjoying this approach.

That means, though, that I’m well and truly stuck on the yarn that was meant to be the Captain Carrot interpretation. I finished one skein of it back in mid August, and it’s such a wonderfully delicious yarn that I just want to get the rest spun. I’m doing well, but it’s very fine and there is rather a lot of it. But it does mean that I haven’t made it to the Octarine yarn yet, unfortunately.

The other reason is that I’m mumble mumble kind of scared of this yarn. Yep. I said it – I’m scared of it. I had a tinker with combing those locks I dyed, and the waste I ended up with was truly heinous. The herpes I mean, firestar turned up in the mail and I promptly put it away in the Pratchett Project box (which is huge, might I add) and haven’t touched the yarn since. I’m scared of it. I don’t know how I’m going to manage to get those locks into a spinnable state.

I sort of wanted a really fine, feather-light, delicate boucle. But having pondered the technicalities of the boucle beast, I know now that that would be nigh impossible to do by hand – certainly for me, anyway. This is because of the amount of twist that I’d need to put in my first core ply – the finer the yarn, of course, the more twist that is needed to make it hang together. But also, the more twist that is needed to ply it, and when you’re talking about plying it against a fine boucle ply … well, I just think it won’t end up being viable. So I know I need to go for a larger yarn that I originally thought.

Unless I go for a 2-ply as the core, and a 2-ply as the locking ply? (I’m thinking out loud here, people, you’re along for the right with me!) But that’s madness. I’m so sick of spinning ultra-fine yarns that going for a thicker one would be a welcome change. So let’s aim for the thicker, loftier boucle.

But I’m still stuck on how I’m going to prep those locks…I might end up cutting them in half. ‘Twould be a travesty, such stunningly long staples, but the length is making them nigh unusable for me.