So, weeks and weeks later, I’ve finally got the Notional Serpent yarn done. I finished it last night, washed and whacked it, and tried to reserve judgement till it dried. But it’s not much use, really; I’m just not that happy with it. I’m only halfway through the fibre but I’m going to put the rest aside and practice more with spinning smooth-ish yarns from mixed batts. I might come back to it one day and do Notional Serpent Mach II. But for now – here it is.

Notional Serpent

It’s not that bad, really. It’s just not as even or smooth as I wanted. I think, though, that being knit up will really forgive its shortcomings, and since this yarn was always all about the knitted object rather than being a piece of art in and of itself, perhaps I should be happy with how it turned out.