I won’t inflict more photos of undyed polwarth and jute on you all; suffice to say I had another go at this yesterday and it came out better, if not perfect. I deconstructed the twine and made pompoms out of it that way – they were much lighter and softer and less . . . unwieldy. I affixed them during the plying pass with white crochet cotton, but I’m thinking I should use some sort of anchor technique to make them stay put. Not sure how I’d go about that with the spindle. I don’t want to have to give up and tie the hogs on after plying, but it’s still a possibility. It could turn out to be the most structurally sound way to get them in there.

Then I put the new yarn in the steamer to finish it . . . and wouldn’t you know, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed the first time. I scorched the yarn in four places – not terminal, as I can always pull them out and rejoin the yarn, but I’m still annoyed at myself. I always seem to accidentally get things right the first time, then stumble on the second or third or fourth go, on something that you’d think would make itself pretty obvious the first time you try whatever it is.

But I’m learning to experiment with fibre, and feel a little freer to play around and make mistakes. This is a lesson that I needed to learn, and it’s coming hard, but I do feel a bit more relaxed about it than I would have expected.

I still have 4oz of polwarth to mess around with, and I do want to end up with at least 150g so I can make . . . the thing I want to make (mwuhahahaha!)